Blackberry’s Secret Weapon

Rearseat view of QNX concept car

Rearseat view of QNX concept car (Photo credit: QNX Software Systems)

[View the story “Blackberry’s Secret Weapon – Originally posted” on Storify] by Dr. Hannibal Moot· Fri, Feb 01 2013

I have to shake my head when I read all the anti-Blackberry articles out there that figure the future is a few missing apps on Blackberry 10. The new platform is only the beginning of the real blending of QNX Technologies into Blackberry’s arsenal.

In april of 2010, Research In Motion acquired QNX Software Systems from Harman International Industries, and up until now, consumers haven’t seen the full impact that QNX brings to Blackberry (formerly RIM).

The Playbook was the first real experiment with the new technology, and although not a huge success, it did offer a glimpse to the future of the newly launched Blackberry 10 platform and the endless possibilities available to the company now that Blackberry and QNX are really working together.

Here’s a quote from Thorston Heins regarding the future of Blackberry and QNX,

We believe in mobile computing, not just mobile phones. QNX taught us a lot about cars, but we also asked, what does it mean for other domains? For example, it can be the mobile computing system to manage an energy grid. It is for more than just BlackBerry 10.

I want us to be the company that manages all mobile computing end points, whether in a phone or car, across the data network globally. Today we are connecting 654 carriers, and our system is being used to carry data, reliably, across these networks.

That’s the vision for the company. I want to take it into the mobile computing space and be clear leader in that space.

Center console of the QNX concept car

Center console of the QNX concept car (Photo credit: QNX Software Systems)

Here’s a great article from a fellow WordPress blogger.  He’s put together an excellent write-up on QNX and what it really means for Blackberry. Be sure to give him a Like.
Perhaps some of the Blackberry haters and maybe even some financial analysts will start looking beyond the first two handsets and whether there will be an Instagram app available and see the real potential ahead.

And to Blackberry, you guys really need to get this message out there. I know you’ve been busy lately but now the launch is over, start educating people on where Blackberry is going.

– Dr. Hannibal Moot

2 thoughts on “Blackberry’s Secret Weapon

  1. Thank you for stopping by and posting a link to my blog research on QNX. Much appreciated. I’ll be checking out and linking your site as well in the future.



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